Do NOT install KB2724197, KB2732488 and KB2707511 on Windows XP

By dose | December 22, 2012
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It recently came to my attention that some Windows Update in July ruined EMS Support in the NTVDM DOS Virtual machine in Windows XP resulting in the loss of High Memory Support in DOS. As Microsoft still didn’t fix this really severe issue, I want to warn you about these patches and advise you to NOT install them.

KB2707511 causes a problem, so that NTVDM crashes, if a DOS/Win16 Appliction tries to interface with named pipes or to change the video mode. KB2732488, which gets prepended to KB2724197 tries to fix the problem but with that, it ruins high memory and EMS support and therefore causes even more trouble for the user.
You can check yourself if you are affected by issuing a

mem /C

in the command shell. If you don’t see high memory support, it’s likely that you are affected by the bad updates and should remove them.

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  1. Earle - 01/21/2013 at 11:11

    When trying to delete KB2707511 and KB2724197 a message appears listing numerous other KB updates and states that, “If KB… is removed, these programs might not run properly. Do you want to continue?
    How do I safely remove KB511 & 197?
    Thanks much.


  1. svchost.exe using 100% CPU because of Windows Update (wuauclt) in XP |

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