Windows Mobile cabwiz.exe bug and fix

By dose | September 30, 2014
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I recently had to create a SmartDevice project of a VB.NET application (Yuck!) with multiple localized resources in it. So that means that there is a subdirectory for each language that contains a lang.dll file holding the language ressourcesin the appropriate language.
When creating the setup project, everything works fine, but when trying to deploy the application, I saw that the .dll file was the same in every directory installed. It seems that sabwiz.exe has a bug that prevents you from adding multiple files with the same filename to a project, even though they go to different target directories. After googling a bit, i found this blog post that explains the issue and also contains a fix for that.
The fix offered there works fine, but its code is overly complicated and not available in source form. Now as I had to modify other things in the .inf file too, I just wanted to add my postprocessing to the fixer-Application.
So I wrote my own fixer that is smaller in size (only 6kb!) and doesn’t depend on ugly .NET framework, but is native Win32 code. Feel free to use it,  source code can be found here. Precompiled executable can be found here.
To install, just:

cd [Visual Studio Dir]\SmartDevices\SDK\SDKTools\
move cabwiz.exe ___cabwiz.exe
move cabwizfix.exe cabwiz.exe

I hope it’s useful to you.

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