Removing the timebomb of the Adobe Flash Player

By dose | February 19, 2021
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As known, Adobe placed a time bomb in their flash player in order to disable it by 12/01/2021.
This is – of course – a horrible move, rendering a lot of applications (i.e. HP Printer Software, interactive tutorials, Flash games, etc.) useless and therefore it has to be fixed in order to re-enable it.
Flash was available for download from Adobe, but an up-to-date version also was shipped and updated with Windows 10. So for the ActiveX-version, this one got maintained by Windows Update, whereas the other versions (i.e. npapi) got maintained by Adobe.
Lately, some people even said that the optional Microsoft patch KB4577586, which removes Flash from the system, got deployed to them via Windows Update.

So in order to re-enable flash (even when the evil, unremovable patch KB4577586 has been installed to the system), I made a little patcher, based on the work of KuromeSan which you can download here
Hopefully this will get you up and running again.

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    Nice information thanks!

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    Nice website and good information thanks i love it..


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