UPC Wi-Free with Linksys WRT54G

By dose | November 23, 2018
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Recently I had the idea that I could use an old WRT54G als a Gateway to UPC Wi-Free. The reason was that the Owner was a customer of UPC and that he had a second site where he sporadically also wanted to use Internet on his old PC. So to save money, why pay for a second Internet line if you can have UPC Wi-Free for free?
Speed of WRT-54G is enough, so this is a cheap solution for Internet access.
I found out that it is not possible to use EAP in Client Mode on dd-wrt firmware, but OpenWRT should be possible.
I verified that and it worked fine. For further reference, here are the steps:

1) Install OpenWRT on the WRT54G
2) Logon to OpenWRT WebGUI
3) In the System-> Software tab, find the “wpad-mini” at the end – click remove
4) At the top of the page, click update lists (the router must have Internet access via the wan port temporarily)
5) In Filter, enter wpad, and install the package.
6) Go to the Network tab -> Wifi
7) Click Scan
8) Select the network to which you want to connect (UPC Wi-Free)
9) On the next page click Submit
10) On the next page in Interface Configuration select Wireless Security
11) Choose WPA2-EAP and enter: Cipher auto, EAP-PEAM method, MSCHAPv2, UPC username, UPC password
12) Save & Apply, Maybe reboot

Tadaa, now you have a cheap wireless Client for you home network and reused the old WRT54G router.

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